What is The Nonprofit Salary Survey?

Produced and prepared by experts with over 30 years of experience conducting nonprofit compensation
studies, this annual salary survey is designed specifically for nonprofits and associations. With
117 detailed nonprofit job descriptions, you won't just match titles; you'll match actual job content.

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More than a reference, this working tool is structured according to actual tasks to help you:

  • Determine the most competitive salary level for each position to support
    recruitment and retention
  • Understand how your organization's pay levels compare with others
  • Provide hard data to support your salary structure recommendations

Don't waste your time with national reports that don't focus on your location or those that incorporate for-profit organizations, order your copy today.

What does the full report include?

  • Specific market salary information for 117 positions including median salaries, average salaries and more
    from nearly 500 nonprofits nationwide
  • Compensation analysis by title, nonprofit type, budget and staff size
  • Easy-to-use charts and graphs
  • Enhanced benefits section including paid-leave, health insurance and retirement plan allowances
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New Nonprofit Category Breakouts!

  • Charitable/Service Organization
  • Educational/Cultural Institute
  • Scientific Society
  • Professional Association
  • Trade Association
  • Special Interest
  • Research Institute

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$347.00 National Nonprofit Compensation Report 2017: Full Report
$129.00 National Nonprofit Compensation Report 2017: Paid Participant Rate (Includes Full Report)
$79.95 National Individual Job Title Report 2017: C-Suite Titles (Multiple Items May Be Checked)
  • Executive Management
$49.95 National Individual Job Title Reports 2017: (Multiple Items May Be Checked)
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Administrative
  • Communications/Marketing/Creative
  • Government Relations/Legal/Policy
  • Human Resources/Benefits
  • Information Technology
  • Library/Editorial
  • Meetings/Conventions
  • Programs/Development
  • Research/Education
  • Human Services
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The Nonprofit Compensation Report:
A National Survey of Association and Nonprofit Compensation